Theme: Virtual Financial Assets Taxation: Navigating Legal and regulatory hurdles for Productivity
Master Class Outlines
• Introduction to Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) in Post Modern Digital Economy, Cyber World and Information Society
• Virtual Assets: Differentiation in Cyber Economy Transactions Environments: Electronic, Digital and Crypto
• Virtual Assets: Traditional Information System (TIS) Transaction Environment
• Virtual Assets: Blockchain/DLT Transactions Environment
• Virtual Assets Inheritance: of Crypto Assets & Tokens in Digital Economy Transactions Space
• Regulations of Crypto (Virtual) Assets: Blockchain and Bureaucracy
• Regulations of Technology for Virtual Assets Wealth Creation: Physical Technology and Social Technology
• Virtual Financial Assets Taxation in TIS & Blockchain/DLT Environments
• Virtual Financial Assets Taxation (Cross Border & Domestic)
• Virtual (Crypto) Assets Transactions: Identity &Trust, Data Protection and Privacy Regulations & Law
• Virtual (Crypto) Assets Transactions: Cryptocurrencies Anti-Money Laudering Law & Regulations and Taxation
• Law and Regulation Hurdles in Virtual Financial Assets Taxations in Permissioned Blockchain Transaction Platforms
• Distributed Autonomous Government (DAG) and Taxation using Code Law and Absolute Law for VFAs

This course is specially designed for Tax executives, Auditors and Forensic Investigators

Price: ₦150,000.00