Jai Samuel Bifulco


Kinesis Chief Marketing Officer, Jai has spent over 13 years honing his expertise as an award-winning full-stack marketer in finance and technology, where he held the role of director in multiple FCA and ASIC-regulated CFD brokers as well as consulting to the mining, banking and fintech sectors.
An advocate of results-based marketing activity, Jai has steered fundraising efforts worth $6m USD during a previous ICO, as well as $10m investment in mining ventures across Africa and is currently on-target to surpass this effort 10x on behalf of Kinesis.
His rare ability to focus on the bottom line as well as offer creative inspiration and innovation has been acknowledged by the City of London Wealth Management Awards, who named Jai’s former blockchain project the most innovative of 2018.
Jai brings a global perspective to each role, having worked with both start-ups and household names all around the world. Furthermore, his expertise in the finance, mining, and blockchain industries, allow him an unprecedented and unique perspective in driving Kinesis’ vision.
A firm advocate and evangelist for blockchain, precious metals and the stablecoin movement. Jai is dedicated to bringing Kinesis’ real-world application to government, business and communities in order to drive change and make a real impact in the economy.
Jai favours a high-energy, creative approach to management; with an ever-present determination to add value whilst spearheading 360 degree marketing and commercialisation strategies.