Lexi Novitske, CFA


Principal, Investment Officer at Singularity Investments.
In 2012 Lexi moved to Nigeria, from The United States, believing that
the country held immense untapped potential, having an under-
penetrated consumer population, expanding infrastructure and online
access, and an active entrepreneur network.
In 2014, Lexi launched Singularity Investments as the Principal
Investment Officer, a venture capital vehicle backed by the Darwish
family office, where she oversees the firm’s operations in Africa.
Singularity lends its relationships and expertise to source
extraordinary investment opportunities, while supplying the skills,
resources, and capital to grow portfolio companies into industry
leaders across the continent.
Singularity invests in visionary entrepreneurs in technology-enabled,
early-stage companies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Typical sectors of
interest will include Mobile & Web-Based Services, Technology &
Software, Digital Infrastructure, and Digital Media & Entertainment.
Lexi previously managed investments at Nigerian private equity firm
Verod Capital Management. Prior to joining Verod, she was focused on
Africa investments at Small Enterprise Assistance funds and in financial
services at New York-based Sandler O’Neill Asset Management. 
Lexi is a board member and advisor to several early-stage companies
and faculty member and mentor to several accelerators and startup
academies. Lexi is a CFA Charterholder and Kauffman Fellow.