Ethereum Blockchain Programming Through Real-World Projects

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This training will help you learn the core concepts and introduce you to the key libraries and frameworks required to build production quality dapps. Our step-by-step guides help you build projects from the ground up.

Beginner to Intermediate.

You will learn the Solidity programming language and implement a smart contract. You will also learn to compile and deploy your contract to the blockchain without using any frameworks. You will finish the course by building a web frontend using HTML/Javascript that interacts with your smart contract.

 You will learn to build a complex smart contract using Solidity. You will use the Ethereum development framework called Truffle to build a decentralized application and deploy it to the public Ethereum network. You will also learn to write tests in Solidity and Javascript. 

You will build a simple voting app on ethereum blockchain. A mock Nigeria's 2019 Presidential Election!

The training is being facilitated by SIRFITECH Ltd. 


  1. Prio knowledge of at least one programing language is required!
  2. You must come along with your own laptop.