Blockchain, Banking & $Trillions: Decentralised Finance, Threats and Opportunities for the Banking and Finance Industries.

Blockchain, Banking & $Trillions:  Decentralised Finance, to be facilitated by Shamim (Sam) Khan, an International Commercial Lawyer with 23+ Years experience, Director Lex Futurus (UK). Based and qualified in UK.

The Masterclass is targeted towards C-Suite, Higher & Middle Management of Banking, Financial Services and Wealth Management Organisations, Investment Professionals, Government Departments and Regulatory Bodies, Legal, Accountancy, Consulting and other Professional Firms.

The Masterclass will provide participants with a strategic overview of the possible impacts of Blockchains and Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLT) in the Banking, Finance and Wealth Management Industries, together with an introduction to the emerging global players and projects in this nascent sector.

The Masterclass is divided into 4 parts and will provide participants with a strategic overview of:-

Part A. The Future of Money & Assets.

  • Blockchain Technology was born of the need for “Sound Money” as against FIAT Money, to address issues of Trust/Truth of money, following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.
  • The extension of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is now developing to encompass the “Trust/Truth” of other asset classes.
  • A Tidal Wave of competition and dis-intermediation is coming, through operation of true market forces for the battle between:-
  • Legacy Money/Assets  VS  Digital Money/Assets


  • Legacy Financial Institutions  VS  Decentralised Economic Structures
  • A description of different types of Digital Assets and current global Taxonomy and their attributes will be given, which has an impact on how they are regulated (Part 2).
  • We will outline the competing forces at play, giving the attendee exposure to the competing Economic Principles from the perspective of Economic Incentivastion and Game Theory.
  • Which Economic System will win?
  • How is your Organisation preparing for change?
  • We will inform you of the potential pathways to explore, for your organisation to stay ahead of the game.

Part B. National  and Global Regulation of Digital Assets. Facilitated by Boulevard A. AladetoyinboNigeria s premiere blockchain lawyer!

  • Digital Assets were first viewed as “A Fad, Computer Games Money, Toy Money for Kids and Computer Geeks, Chukky-Cheese Tokens” etc. Regulators thus were not interested or aware of this emerging Technology of Value.
  • Digital Assets, (or collectively Crypto Currencies, Security Tokens, Utility Tokens) have seen a massive explosion in value from zero to $800Bn (peak market), all in the space of a few years. This has aroused the attention of Regulators Worldwide.
  • Particularly in the last 2 years we have seen the ICO phenomenon, raising $Billions from “Retail Investors”, full of projects promising 1000x plus investment returns, but ultimately delivering very little.
  • Investors have lost up to 95% plus of their investments, with a high proportion of “exit scams.”
  • Regulators worldwide are now formulating and implementing Regulations, to cover Digital Assets, which do not conveniently fit within current Financial regulations.
  • Regulators have started to investigate, shut down, force refunds to investors from various projects worldwide.
  • Various project leaders have also been imprisoned, for breach of regulations, and this trend is likely to increase.
  • As an investor, would you invest your money in a project which doesn’t comply with regulations, risking losing your money?
  • As a Project Developer, would you risk the wrath of Regulators (and potentially Jail Time) for operating an unregulated project?

We will provide an update as to the general position including :-

  • International Regulations and the direction different countries are taking.
  • Nigerian Regulations, an update as to Nigerian regulatory bodies and steps being taken.
  • Cross-jurisdiction digital assets regulation.
  • How the central banking authority in Nigeria deals with/ regulates digital assets and digital asset businesses:
  • Money Market activities regulation.
  • Capital Raising--Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Security Token Offering (STO),
  • Initial Exchange Offering (IEO),
  • Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO),
  • Decentralised Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICO),
  • Token Generation Event (TGE), and distributed ledger technology asset tokenization exercise en bloc.

PART C Digital Asset Investment & Lifecycle

We will outline the possible impacts of Blockchains and Decentralised Ledger Technologies (DLT) in Banking, Finance, Investment and Fund Management.

An outline of the Digital Assets Lifecycle will be given, including:-

  • Digital Asset Issuance (Mining, Staking & Digital Securities Issuance Platforms),
  • Transaction Environments & Infrastructure,
  • Transfer Rails (Protocols),
  • Markets, Exchanges and Liquidity.
  • Cryptocurrencies/ Payment Tokens,
  • How to enter the Crypto Econosphere,
  • Mining, (Hardware Capex) , or Purchase?
  • Staking
  • p2p purchase, or Crypto Exchange?
  • Security Tokens / Tokenised Securities.
  • Commodity Tokens: Goods, property or assets that can be bought or sold on an exchange.
  • Utility Tokens - tokens that offer access to a firm’s product or service within their platform or ecosystem.
  • Transaction Environments & Infrastructure, Transfer Rails (Protocols), Markets & Exchanges and Liquidity.

We will contrast the current existing Legacy Assets Lifecycle with the new Digital Assets lifecycle.

Opportunities for Investment in profitable areas of the Industry Stack will be highlighted, so your Organisation can be prepared.

Part D  -Disintermediation. The demise of Current Players in Financial Markets, or New Opportunities for growth?

We will provide an introduction to the emerging global players and projects in this nascent sector. The vast majority (although not exclusive) of Decentralised Finance Initiatives are currently being built upon the Ethereum Network.

Projects in the following industry sectors will be highlighted:-

  • Payments               
  • Credit & Lending         
  • Investing             
  • Custodial Services
  • Infrastructure        
  • Exchanges & liquidity         
  • KYC & Identity                     
  • Derivatives
  • Marketplaces                    
  • Stablecoins                   
  • Prediction Markets                   
  • Insurance

Opportunities for Investment in profitable areas of the Industry Stack will be highlighted, so your Organisation can be prepared.

Price: ₦75,000.00