Adebajo Adedayo


Community Manager at Jelurida. A blockchain enthusiast. Ardor believer. NXT and Ignis evangelist. Lead support specialist.
Adedayo Adebajo is a native of Ogun state, Nigeria. By profession, he’s a Real Estate appraiser, but by practice a customer service representative and community manager. He’s had experience both on-contact, virtual and on-the-web customer management experience, hence, his passion to be involved in customer satisfaction-related ventures.

· He was a former chat moderator, then a support specialist at Poloniex exchange. A US Crypto-Exchange

· Currently the Lead Support Specialist and Community Manager at Jelurida B.V, A Switzerland Based Blockchain software company

· And also the Managing Director of Jelurida Africa DLT.

He’s a natural optimistic idealist who sees several creative ways out of every obstacle. One part artist, one part writer, one part entrepreneur, two parts philanthropist and blockchain enthusiast, three parts egalitarian and a whole lot more.