Alex Lightman


Advisor at Coinfield, Alex is an award winning writer, entrepreneur, executive, board member, inventor, and an advisor to governments and NGOs that influence the lives of billions of humans.
He is the recipient of several national and global awards for his teaching, software, designs and world-changing innovations including the Economist magazine Reader’s Award for “Innovation most likely to radically change the world in the next decade” for 4G Wireless, beating Elon Musk in a global contest with votes from 200 countries; the Best Entertainment Prize and Grand Prize, beating over 800 entries in the only Internet VR contest ever sponsored by Silicon Graphics;
Best Avatar (for Spawn); and Most Innovative Educator (from the Johnson Foundation).
His Keemoji mobile phone keyboard software is used in 200 countries and territories over 30 million times a month and his customers buy and sell over $17 billion in crypto on his Coinfield exchange in 186 countries.
Lightman is a director on the board of Tingo, Inc. (OTCBB: IWBB, uplifting to NYSE in December 2021) and chairman designate, pending Estonian regulators approval, of the board of Coinfield, which will be acquired by Tingo, also pending Estonian regulatory approval.
Coinfield is an A rated crypto exchange with military-grade security that has not been hacked and is the creator of a unicorn token with a market cap of over $1.5 billion called Solo and in November 2021 launched Coinfield Coin, which will be used on Coinfield for discounted trading, on Tingo’s ten million mobile phones in 18 countries, and on the Nwassa trading platform that does $8 million a day on average in food and agriculture trades.
Lightman is founder and chairman of Keemoji, developer of mobile phone software to protect privacy and security that has signed over 100 B2B customers and founder and CEO of KeePay, developers of a platform for payments, tokens, and NFTs. Keemoji customers include Real Madrid, which has 600 million fans. Keemoji keyboards are used by customers in 200 countries and territories and are used over a million times every day.
Lightman has been an advisor to dozens of crypto projects and authored 20+ crypto white papers. He delivered over 50 crypto keynotes in dozens of countries and published 40+ articles on crypto, including those as a crypto columnist for Crypto AM in London. In 2021 Lightman was a speaker and exhibitor at the Blockchain Economy crypto conference at Dubai World Expo and a keynote speaker at AIBC in Dubai.
Lightman developed over 20 hours of crypto content, including the full 900 slide Executive Course for Kingsland School of Blockchain and a year of weekly podcasts published as The Lightman Report.
His crypto projects include writing the original deck and/or white papers for Coinfield coin, Casper (top ICO on Coinlist),, Metaverse DNA, Velas AI, Keemoji, KeeMoney, and KeePay, and leading and funding to the the team that developed the PKT router server, cjdns Wireguard and Token Strike and a founding 50/50 partner in Odap/Wrapped PKT on Binance Smart Chain’s Pancake Swap.
Lightman is a graduate of MIT and attended graduate school at Harvard University, the two top universities in the world.
Lightman is the author of Brave New Unwired World: The Digital Big Bang and The Infinite Internet (the award winning first book on 4G wireless); Reconciliation: 78 Reasons to End The US Embargo of Cuba (for the Obama White House, which led to the re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the US and Cuba after 55 years of estrangement), and the forthcoming Dark Patterns: How Facebook and Google Manipulate Markets to Crush Competition.
He is the co-author with Brett King of Amazon best-seller Augmented: Life In The Smart Lane, famously featured in Xi Jinping’s State of the Union speech to a billion Chinese in January 1, 2018 and Nizhoni: The Higher Self in Education, which led to creation of an accredited high school and college in Santa Fe, New Mexico.