Business Networking, Training & Workshops

Blockchain for Business Executives - Munachi Ogueke of Cryset.

Cyber-Security & Digital Asset Management --Obadare Peter of Digital Encode

Blockchain for Developers- Ethereum & Hyperledger - Chimezie Chuta - Blockchain Nigeria User Group

Crypto Trading Strategies of experts. - Chris Ani of Digital Aboundance

ICO Lunching or Investing: How to do it profitably - Geoffrey Weli Wosu  of VoguePay

Careers in Blockchain Tech Industry - Mr. Seun Dania of Tradefada

 Specially designed for executives and senior management, in the session, you will learn among other things, the basics of blockchain and how it can apply to your industry.

  1. How blockchains work
  2. Hype v/s reality
  3. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies in the real world: Practical transaction
  4. The Blockchain vs. private blockchains
  5. Unique stuff that only blockchains CAN do
  6. Stuff that blockchains CAN do better
  7. Stuff that blockchains CANNOT do
  8. Demonstration of a live blockchain
  9. Blockchain use-cases
  10. Seven steps to building a blockchain solution.
  11. How to identify promising ICOs and profit from them.
  12. Learn how to trade Cryptos like a pro and shame poverty forever.
  13. Learn the basics of Ethereum and Hyperledger Smart Contacts Development. 
  14. How to secure your hard earned digital asset in an intrution oriented Cyber space.
  15. How tap into the booming Blockchain Career industry.
  16. And lots more....

Estimated Time To Complete: Full Day

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