Surveyor Faith Titus


Founder/ CEO eWealth Atlantic, Cofounder Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Fellow: CILRM. and Chapter President Government Blockchain Association. Faith is a passionate Cryptocurrency Advocate with a demonstrated history of/ working career in both public and private sector, top Government Financial Agency. Skilled and knowledgeably inclined in oil & Gas / Energy, Petroleum, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financial and Project Analysis in the Natural Resources and Energy Ventures, Credit, Risk & Loans management, Crisis, Stakeholder and Business Ethics Management, Leadership and Decision Making, Surveying and Geomatics, Strong business development professional with a Master's Degree focused in International Oil and Gas Management from The University of Dundee, Bachelor degree in Surveying and Geomatics from Rivers State University of Science and Technology and other professional certifications in Blockchain technology, ICT, etc.